Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Denon Envaya Mini nur heute um 69€ auf

Heute gibt es den Denon Envaya Mini in schwarz und weiss im deutschen Amazon store um 69€ im Angebot. Schnell zuschlagen, da dieses Angebot nur heute (16.12.2015) gilt.

Der Denon Envaya Mini zählt in seiner Klasse meiner Meinung nach klanglich immer noch zur Spitze, auch wenn sich mittlerweile einige interessante Alternativen in diesem Preisbereich tummeln: Klipsch GiGAnker A3143 Premium Stereo Bluetooth 4.0 SpeakerAudio Dynamix Atom V3 

Ja selbst gegen den heiss erwarteten RIVA S schlägt sich der Denon wacker bei weniger als 1/3 des Preises: 


  1. Holy balls! That's only $85.92 shipped to the US!

  2. I just got it yesterday at the 69.99EUR 7 hours before it gone and it's on the way to me now *yay* Thanks to your honest review and comparision videos I skipped a lot of "bad" speakers I intended to buy, including the "best" Bluetooth Speaker UE MiniBoom my aunt here in Germany recommended, the JBL Flip 2 which I choose because the JBL brand and also the "famous" Bose SoundLink Mini II which made me disappointed a lot. And hope that my Envaya Mini won't have any battery problem whatsoever like those 1-star reviews on Amazon because it will be really tricky to send it back to Germany for replacement and I was completely in love with its wonderful sound, after suffering those "bass only" speakers - the Sony SRS-X3 and the Divoom OnBeat 200.
    PS: At my place, the Envaya Mini is sold at 157EUR LOL!

  3. I've gone through three of these already. Eventually, the speaker stops being able to charge. I contacted Denon's customer service and they wanted me to send it in at my cost.

  4. der reguläre preis für die weiße version fällt seit 2 wochen kontinuierlich, ist jetzt schon unter 80€. ich habe dieses gerät anhand der aufnahmen massiv unterschätzt. die räumliche abbildung ist beindruckend und auch die basswiedergabe viel besser als erwartet. vom anker hingegen bin ich eher enttäuscht.

  5. Confirm that Envaya Mini is a wonderful speaker with its sound and design, but it really has problem with the battery. My Envaya Mini stop charging after 1 month, but I can not return it to the company in Europe because I bought it for my friend who is in Asia.

    1. What you just said really scared me a lot. I'm also in Asia and waiting for my Envaya Mini to deliver here to me in the next week. Although the one who ordered it for me in Germany has tested and fully recharged without any problem at all but I'm still worrying right now :( BTW, how many time have you charged your Envaya Mini before it stops charging?

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  7. I wanted to thank you for this great read!! I definitely enjoyed every little bit of it. I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff on your post.

  8. Schade, dass das Angebot schon vorbei ist.

  9. i just bought a new envaya mini but after 1:30 min the battery led status is red. The volume is at 40-50%. The battery really sucks. Is the same for you?

  10. Hello Oluv!
    I've been looking at all your videos/comparisons/reviews and I have to say it's a terrific job you do for all of us who follow you. Thank you very much for that!
    Now, like I just mentioned I have watched all of your videos and in my particular taste I have narrowed it down to 2 speakers, the Blitzwolf F4 and the Basspuma. As you know the holidays are coming soon and I'm looking for the best out of these 2 speakers for a gift for my son. Your response and or review/comparison will really help me decide. You may not know but you have a tremendous impact on all of our decision making when it comes to portable speakers or blootooth speakers.
    Once again I thank you very much and I also appreciate the music you play in your videos especially jazz.
    Hope to hear from you soon and await a video please or something you may want to tell or let me know. I'm also open to any suggestions you may have including views on other speakers blootooth speakers within the same class as I already mentioned that you may have. Of course I'm looking for the best or the best in your opinion. That's why I was requesting a video to hear the comparison not sure if this will be possible. I appreciate any feedback.
    Thanks!Take care!

  11. Can you please tell me a speaker with microsd support?

  12. Hey can you review and do a sound test on fluance fi50