Thursday, October 22, 2015

Fugoo XL - donation campaign and giveaway raffle

With every new video that I post I am asked why I don't review the Fugoo XL and compare it to the JBL Xtreme. The answer is simple: because I couldn't get a unit yet.
I have been in contact with Fugoo for some time now back when the small Fugoo was released in Europe last year. I also asked about the Fugoo XL immediately when it was announced the first time and was originally promised to receive a unit as soon as they became available. Unfortunately now when they have been finally out in the U.S. for nearly one month, I didn't get any answer about a possible unit anymore. I might have the chance to grab one when it becomes available in Europe which is supposed to be at the end of November, but this may be a bit late for many who are interested and still not sure which speaker will suite them more: Fugoo XL or JBL Xtreme!

As I want to stay as unbiased as possible for my reviews and not count on charities from companies who in return expect positive reviews for their free review samples, I would prefer to buy the speaker on my own. Unfortunately currently I cannot afford buying the Fugoo XL as it is available only in the U.S so far. It would cost me around 480€ including shipping costs, taxes and customs fees to get it to Europe. I already ordered the new and just announced Libratone Zipp Mini some days ago, which seems pretty interesting as well, therefore I cannot buy another speaker right now.
That's why I decided to start a kind of donation campaign for a review unit of the new Fugoo XL speaker.

My idea would be to ask for donations to cover the ordering costs of the Fugoo XL in order to be able to prepare an extensive review, make some comparison videos and add it to the audio-database. When everything is done at the end of my review I would of course give the speaker away and raffle it among all those who donated for it. My goal would be to achieve 500$ which would hopefully cover the shipping to Europe with some rest amount so that I can hopefully ship the speaker worldwide to the "winner" who will be chosen at random with some kind of lottery.

Why 500$?

some rough calculation:
300$ - Fugoo XL
~30$ - express shipping to an U.S. address of a friend or service
~80$ - shipping to Europe
+ 22% taxes and customs fees

I would like to collect 500$ until the end of October 2015. As soon as 500$ are reached, I will order the Fugoo XL "Style" immediately from Bestbuy or Amazon depending on availability, also because it is the cheapest model while "Sport" doesn't seem to be in stock yet. Then I will hopefully still have enough time for shipping it to Europe and doing my videos including a review etc. If everything works out, my plan would be to have the first videos up in mid November.
If 500 people donate 1$ each, the goal would be achieved quickly. I will stop the donation if the amount exceeds 550$, but I need some safety buffer depending on where I will have to ship the speaker afterwards. I have no idea how much shipping might cost to Australia for example!

If I don't manage to achieve 500$ until 1st November I will of course return all payments to the original donators, so there would be no risk for you that I keep the money unjustifiably. If you like the idea and would like to contribute but also to get the chance of winning the Fugoo XL afterwards, please donate through the button below.

(Update: I changed the payment method to now, as the with the usual donation procedure paypal charged around 14% fees from the donated amount. This way I will have quite a loss in case I have to refund all donations if the final goal isn't reached. On just leave the box at the bottom unchecked, as you don't pay for any goods).

Update 2: donations are closed now, the donation goal was reached, more updates coming soon!

Of course I will prepare Vlogs of any step and goal achieved and post them on Youtube, so that you stay up to date. And at the end there will also be a video of the final tombola, where the official winner of the Fugoo XL will be drawn. Maybe I can even broadcast it "live" through Youtube.

I hope it's obvious that I have no financial interest or profit from this campaign and simply want to contribute my part for anyone interested in the Fugoo XL.

I hope you like this idea and beg for some support.

Thanks a lot, your O!


  1. I think it would help if you make a quick video and post it on YouTube; that will ensure that more people are seeing this. Donation already made. P.S. I was hoping that you've ordered the Libratone Zipp and not the mini... :(

    1. thanks a lot for your support, i will get a test unit of the Libratone Zipp as well, so I can also try out their multiroom feature. But no idea when they will be available. Shipping was postponed to November 6th,

  2. Wino in California here, I did compare both, below is my best buy review, but in a nutshell the Extreme is louder and boomier outside, but not as accurate as the Fugoo XL inside. Since the one I settled on also needed to sound good inside the RV, I chose the Fuggo XL, goes an octave or two lower than the Extreme, and mids and highs more natual without the JBL sizzle sound. I did notice at full volume in outside mode, the tweeters sounded a little crackly a few times with certain music like hard piano keys. I just got back from a two day trip and I don't think the claimed 35 hours at half volume is completely accurate. I had about 10 hours outside on the bike and on the sand, I bungy corded it to a boogie board and took some waves, that was killer, got lots of envious looks.that was at half volume and above, add in 8 hours inside at half volume or less when the voice came in saying it was time to recharge.
    So, I RV 4 days a week and do at least 100 miles a week biking, surfing, and hanging out with friends at the beach.the crashing surf, and wind means any speaker I was going to buy needs to get louder and clearer than what I am replacing which is the JBL Charge 2. great speaker, just not loud enough and I got caught in the rain miles from home and fried it.
    I've been reading all the reviews, and narrowed my purchase to the JBL Extreme, the Fugoo XL. and the Megaboom, I also bought but returned the Braven Balance; just not accurate enough and sounded like my kitchen radio even though it got loud. Ultimately I returned all of them and kept the Fugoo XL!
    Plays loud, nearly distortion free, open 360 degree sound, important because sometimes people in front on the boardwalk can hear me coming and move out of the way, no need to ring a bell!
    The most important thing though is the sound! Oh, is this speaker special, seriously, the megaboom was the first to be returned once I compared them, so really, it was between the Fugoo XL and the JBL Extreme but the sound, the accurate sound and the depth of the bass to the lowest notes, combined with double the battery life and 3x the distance of the bluetooth was just to much for the JBL to overcome.although the JBL looks cooler with the side passive radiators thumping.
    Essentially, I kept the Fugoo XL! When in the RV it has all encompassing sound with no extra thump that drums out some of the other octaves of sound; piano's sound like it's live, the bass, accurate, the vocals soft and you can hear the breath of the singer, the highs extend to the extent of hearing; no sizzling other speakers pass off when the volume rises, aka any of the Bose and Sony speakers.
    Last thing; true stereo separation with no hocus-pocus dsp widening. The left and right channels are on the ends of the speaker totally engulfing the listener. A must buy for those who like accurate, outside, loud room filling music.

    1. thanks a lot for your review which gives me hope that the Fugoo XL is really a great speaker. There is so much strange talk about the Fugoo XL on youtube with claims that it doesn't even come close to the Xtreme etc, which I simply cannot believe, therefore I want to try it out on my own. Maybe the Fugoo even sounds better than the Audio Pro Addon T3 which I reviewed recently. But for any basshead who just wants boomy sound, even the T3 would be the big loser.
      Therefore I really hope this little donation campaign will be successful.

    2. Hi Wino, Thanks for the insight but, as O' said, I would like to see it compared to other speakers, especially the Audio Pro Addon T3 which I like (price is really good too) but, It would also be nice to hear it against some top of the line speakers like B&O ones (maybe another donation&giveaway? that would be nice).

  3. Oluv, I'm anxious for that comparison. I sold my Megaboom to replace Xtreme or XL.
    I'm still keeping my Onyx Studio and great Envaya Mini.
    I visit your blog and your channel from long ago and visit you every week.
    I'll have made a donation of $ 20. Greetings from Sevilla. JASM

  4. Donation made. Really looking forward to your review too Oluv and your thoughts on the new Libratone Zipp. Do keep up the excellent reviews!

  5. Pretty interesting read.
    Donated as well :)

  6. isn't available in my country... PayPal was abd I donated but I cannot do it now... Technobohemiann

    1. you can still use the old link, although paypal charges lots of fees for donations:

      it would be better to simply use my email address as shown on top of this link and send the money directly as a "payment for friends" etc.

  7. Notice also has taxes though. However you're sure that the sum you put is the actual sum Oluv will receive.

    I made a few donations initially with standard paypal then with, now crossing fingers !

    1. i received once 0.88€ and 1€ several times, so 0.88€ seems to be have been sent through the donation link?

    2. There's only one submission from me through standard paypal, it was 1€ I think. Then I added some €s through the process.

    3. It's possible there is one with cents as I also did some tests to see how the tax was applied, so maybe I actually submitted (so easy that it is). And hopefully it will be the lucky one ! :)

    4. Added another 3€ donation earlier today. Can't wait to see the review ! and the lottery results ! :)

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  9. I donated directly via my PayPal site to the email ID , guess that way it got no fees and all the money goes to the pool.

  10. Hello i want to tip you about a device that seems really interesting

    A device that make any speaker to a portable bluetooth speaker.Called the vamp. (article about it in swedish)

    I also replyed to you about the soundcast melody.Thanks.

  11. Finally Riva S is out.
    Maybe we can do the same for this 😊
    Would be nice to know how good the finalised unit sounds, might just make a great Christmas gift

  12. hi Oluv, can I please email you for some advice about kmc3?

  13. Oluv, Just wanted to say I really enjoyed your raffle idea that I donated 5.00 USD and glad someone in Italy won it and really like how the Fugoo XL sounded but I already ordered the JBL XTreme from Amazon and will arrive tomorrow! I can hardly wait and I got a RED one too! I listened to both the Fugoo XL and the Xtreme at a local Best Buy about a week ago and thought the Xtreme edged out the Fugoo XL ever so slightly and also Amazon had it for 249.00 USD this week so I snapped it up. I've been enjoying all your videos and have watched most of them especially the ones with the Xtreme in them. I took your recommendations highly on making my final decision to get the XTREME. What you are doing is great and I hope you keep on doing what you are doing as it is a great service to us who are in the market for quality Bluetooth speakers. I'm eager to see what you think of the difference in the Fugoo XL and the JBL Xtreme. Keep up the great work Oluv!

  14. I've been coming to this site almost daily waiting on Oluv's review and alas, I just noticed he posted a review on Amazon's webpage on the 9th of November.

    Here's the link to his review:

  15. I think that it's quite sad Oluv didn't make an update about this comment on Amazon

  16. Check on his YouTube page. He released the comparison between this and the JBL Xtreme a while back.

  17. Dear Oluv,
    I saw your YouTube videos on the B&O Beolit 15.
    I was wondering if you could give any recommendations between the AudioPro T3, JBL xtreme, Marshall, B&O and Fugoo XL, since you tested all of these units. I recently bought the Fugoo XL and it sounds great, I thought overall better balanced than the JBL. I am looking for a unit with great sound, and for me the quality of sound is more important than the loudness. I couldn't find the B&O, the T3, or the Marshall to compare them directly, and while I am overall happy with the sound, I do find it to be covering the treble a bit and making some songs sound somehow not sharp enough, especially in the indoor mode. But the outdoor mode distorts a bit at high volume.
    I wouof really appreciate your epert opinion regarding the way these units sound and I would happily pay the extra 200$ to get the Beolit 15 or 12, if you think they sound better. I would like to have the best possible sound that I could carry with me anywhere. The overall volume of the XL is fine with me, I don't need anything louder, but I would like to know that if I spend the money, it is going on the best possible sound that is also portable. Don't care about marketing little extras, I just want to know I got the Best possible sound that is available in the market today. Would also happily wait a month or two if something extraordinary is on the pipeline.
    I highly appreciate your help and value your opinion.
    Thank you,

    1. have you tried using the Fugoo without the jacket? I think this opens the treble quite a bit. Apart from that the Beolit 15 is definitely a more powerful sounding unit and has also deeper bass but it sounds a bit unnatural, you would need to listen to one, the Beolit is also a much larger unit and far not as easy to carry around.
      Currently I really prefer the VIFA Helsinki most, although it sounds a bit thin at low levels, they are working on an app-update which will add a night-listening mode and that will hopefully add some bass at low levels as well. The VIFA sounds definitely much clearer and more detailed than the Fugoo XL. At high levels close to maximum the VIFA is much better though, louder with more punch and no distortion at all.

    2. Moreover, if you consider something ELSE would be better in terms of sound quality, please let me know. Maybe the Aiwa Exos 9? I don't care how heavy, or how large. I just a great sound, bluetooth or AirPlay connectivity, and for it to work on a battery.
      Thanks again.

    3. Teufel Boomster XL sounds great too, I would say better than the Beolit 15 as it sounds more Hifi-like although it adds a bit of punch to the bass.
      I have not heard the bigger VIFA speakers, but I think the Copenhagen could be one of the best. Maybe I will have the chance to try it out once.
      Harman Kardon will probably relase a new go&play, this may also be a very nice portable speaker as I liked the original go&play quite a lot, although it sucked from batteries. The new one has a rechargeable battery built in.

  18. Oluv, thank you for the clarifications. Unfortunately, VIFA is not available in Canada, and neither is the Teufel (both only ship in Europe).

    I updated the firmware on the Fugoo today and it sounds quite good now, the mid levels and treble are better and it also reaches significantly more volume. Out of all the real portable speakers available here, the Fugoo sounds the best. And I seem to get amplified resonance when positioning it in a corner.

    But. I listened today to the Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 2 and the sound was impressive and crisp, punchy treble that is well integrated and doesn't hurt your ears, and with round, deep bass, which I have to say, sounded better than the Fugoo. Not by much, but indoors one could definitely hear the difference.
    However, it lacks battery almost completely (5h only!) so I'm assuming a max of 2h at maximum volume, and is 150$ more. So I'm confused again. Looked up their lineup for 2016 and I read that they will release a portable HK Omni 50 on the Harman webpage ( ) but they didn't show it at CES, so I don't know when that release will be. No mention of a new go&play though.

    Now I'm thinking that maybe I should get the HK for inside and moving it around the house and patio and keep the Fugoo for outdoors and on-the-go.

    But I can't figure out which HK to take for indoors, because they don't have a demo unit of the Omni 20 anywhere here, and the reviews are lacking. Following the information on the HK website, it mentions that the Onyx Studio 2 is bi-amplified but htere's no mention of that for the Omni 20. Also, Omni doesn't have the passive drivers. I'm not sure if it needs them, but since i can't compare and couldn't find any comparisons on the web, I'm not sure.

    Did you by any chance listen to both the HK Onyx Studio 2 and the HK Omni 20? Are there any differences, and if so, which one sounds better?

    Thank you so much and sorry for asking so many questions, but here in the developed world of the capital of Canada, we don't have hi-fi stores and have a hard time making true comparisons.

    Any help and info is much appreciated.


    1. both Omnis have a huge passive radiator at the back, both sound great, I would say definitely better and more Hifi than the Onyx Studio 2, maybe not as loud but simply better. First I thought the Omni 10 to sound better, but in the end I preferred the Omni 20 as it had better defined treble. The Onyx Studio 2 could be already found for around 150€ in some stores here in europe, so half the price of the Fugoo XL, not sure why it is so expensive in canada, but as you said the battery of the Onyx Studio 2 simply sucks, the unit I had turned off after 15 minutes at maximum volume. Some others report half an hour up to 1 hour only which is ridiculous. The original Onyx which has also Wifi built in has a stronger battery but it sounds a bit weak at low levels, the Onyx Studio 2 is better in this regard, although it is far not as portable as the Fugoo XL.

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