Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Some videos...

I didn't have lots of time lately doing reviews etc.
Originally I planned to do a review of the Loewe Speaker 2go, the UE Boom etc... but it is really time consuming to prepare the stuff, write about it, and then still make it appear understandable to others, especially in English.

But I was not completely inactive during this time, as I have prepared lots of different comparison videos. If you haven't subscribed to my Youtube channel, here are some recent videos for you:

Bose Soundlink Mini vs. UE Boom:

Bose Soundlink III vs. Loewe Speaker 2go: 

An updated comparison of the Soundmatters FoxL vs Bose Soundlink Mini:

TDK A33 vs Bose Soundlink Mini:

TDK A33 vs Bose Soundlink Mini outdoors:

Bose Soundlink Mini vs. Harman Kardon Esquire: