Friday, October 25, 2013

English oder Deutsch?

Let's welcome all international readers!

I had a tough time deciding whether to continue this blog in English or if to continue it at all, because I am a bit short of time lately, due to our great little son, who meanwhile even thinks to have to keep us busy during night as well.

It is already hard for me to find time to write anything in German, which btw. is not my mother language either. I am not a native speaker and I always had rather mediocre marks at school in English as a subject, therefore I am a bit afraid of not being able to express myself as well when trying to describe sound-related facts, as i would be when writing in German. But I think writing in English will reach even more people interested in my reviews. I also hope that writing in English will not scare off my exisiting readers, who kept following my postings constantly.

I noticed that my YouTube videos, which just started as a spontaneous idea got quite a positive feedback from nearly the whole world, while only few complained my videos to be faked and false.
 I can only assure you that I have no advantage or profit of faking reviews. I started this blog for fun and because of my passion for listening and comparing speakers. I do this in my spare time, or sometimes at work, when my boss is not watching ;-)
I never got any payment or reward for writing a review. I don't care if Bose or JBL sounds better, I just want to show you how they sound when directly compared one to each other.

My next review will be about the brand new and funky Harman Kardon Onyx speaker. I will also try to compare it to the similarly looking Libratone Loop, which hopefully should arrive during the next weeks, so please stay tuned!

PS. I cannot promise to write any new added review in English. Some particular postings might remain in German, but maybe I will even try to translate some of my former German reviews.